Relationship sucks

Loving someone with all your heart is the sweetest thing in the world but expecting them to love you the same is the most dangerous thing in the world because other person sometimes can’t put their ego down just for you. They always want you to want them but ignore the fact to be available for you. You think you know them but trust me you lol1don’t…You are just familiar with the idea of them. Lucky are those who think like you,, love you like you love them otherwise you r just a sweet bird trying to chase a white elephant ..

P.s.  Be happy. Be single, Be you 😉

© Arooba

19 thoughts on “Relationship sucks

  1. Lol. Good one!! But I can vouch for a fact that sometimes in life we do indeed find that special someone.. A few of my friends have found their perfect men, I’m waiting for mine!! From one single to another: enjoy your singledom honey, and good luck finding Prince charming!!

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