Everyone owns a list of particular songs that they listen whenever reality blurred their visions. So many songs attached with so many memories and emotions that we can never lay down in our own words..but when we clicked on our favorite song all the right words dance with the music and laugh on us ..memories […]

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Joke of the day

A guy asked his friend Dude tell me which type of fish can live without water? Friend replied : “Artificial fish” That guy: no dudeee…The fish who can live without water is known as SELFISH.. 😀  ©Arooba P.s. Only people with sense of humor will understand this joke 🙂

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Feeling emptiness in my heart I don’t know how to express my thoughts I don’t know how to communicate with my surroundings I’m bound with all hopeless bondings I’m struck in this world of lies Hug me so I can die. ©Arooba

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By Your Side

You think I’d leave your side, baby You know me better than that Think I’d leave you down when you’re down on your knees I wouldn’t do that I’ll tell you you’re right when you’re wrong And if only you could see into me Oh, when you’re cold I’ll be there, hold you tight to […]

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Instant vs pigeon messenger

In this world of technology, we believe in quick responses. If we mail,message or miss call someone ,we want them to response as quick as possible. If we don’t get the response we feel bad about ourselves and often judge others..but can’t we just assume that maybe the other person is  busy or forget to […]

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A single word with thousand of emotions and feelings. Those who were in any relationship hurts to hear this word can’t even explain why you loved that much …that you forget to save some love for want to share everything with that special person that is now in your  “EX LIST”. […]



Late night chats often leads to confession of everything that borders you whether it is fear,terror or a dark secret that can ruin your life or other person’s life, which is unconsciously shared with the one you are talking to. This is my own experience that people usually confess at nights because there is a […]

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you and me along with a cup of coffee we chat,we gossip with the sweet scent of coffee we pose, we smile ,we wonder for a while why people are staring, is dating someone is so daring? you click the button i pose you look at me, and i blush like a rose the moment […]

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Sometimes all you need is someone who listen instead of giving advice. © Arooba 3/18/2018

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“That’s the thing about pain, It demands to be felt”. -Faults in our stars.

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Walking towards the interview hall, she was happy ..but when she opened the door two middle aged ladies were there …they asked about her strength and weakness..a quick response she strength is i’m a hard-worker n my weakness is i got nervous easily..they asked but if you do then how could you handle the […]

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Why do people ignore?

Thinking about this strange scenario, and after reading some posts of Psychiatrist, I come to know that people often ignore others due to following reasons: it’s a way to hurt other person an excuse to avoid caring, giving respect or importance to other person It’s part of their changing behavior or personality. Well according to […]

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Look outside from the word “ME”

Everyone one is busy doing their usual thing ..smiling , stalking , writing , cooking, smoking , presenting ,talking or other things like that..while birds r singing songs , leaves are dancing and wind is blowing with a sweet smell. Everything seems perfect ..just they way it i am sitting on my bed thinking […]

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Double faced people

The worse kind of human being is often known as the double faced people. They usually are very cool in front of you and talk to you like you are most awesome person in this world,  even set you as a role model for others and behind you back boom that’s their real face ..pure […]

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You and Me.

You and Me are like butterfulies and bees we can fly together like besties but can’t merage into one single deal. we are same in nature but different from personalities i often said i can live without you but the truth is i can’t breath we may live apart but we are connected through hearts. […]

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Perfect world

Sometimes i wonder,  if everyone in this world tries to make peace by minding their own beautiful this world would day you open your eyes and you have everything you ever wanted and even your silly desires are sitting next to you and saying to you “try me ” 😛 the celebrities from […]

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Sometimes nights become more loner than loneliness itself sometimes silence don’t give the answers of unsaid questions sometimes mind stuck with little details of memories sometimes heart slow down to see who really cares sometimes clock tick tock is more musical than music itself sometimes words are not enough to explain the condition of heart […]

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Real Friend

Who is your real friend? the one who is with you when you are good for them or the one who don’t judge you? Sometimes is very important to find out who is really their for you i read a really heart touchy quote set yourself on fire seek those who fan your flames . if we […]

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Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Mother Teresa ©Arooba

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3 march 2018

The best day ever in my life 🙂 its like i was the most special person in this universe. The sky was bright, the sun was out for shopping and the clouds …they were showering their blessing on me.. 🙂 yesterday i was like i dnt want to celeberate my brithday and today i was […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

hello everyone 🙂 i was been nominated by Zankhana . thankyou so much for the award you are such a sweetheart ❤ ..sorry for delay as i m working on my paper for publishing.. and believe me i dnt know what is going on ^_^ anyhow le me answering your question. so here is the rules of […]

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