Versatile Blogger Award

hello everyone 🙂

i was been nominated by Zankhana . thankyou so much for the award you are such a sweetheart ❤ ..sorry for delay as i m working on my paper for publishing.. and believe me i dnt know what is going on ^_^ anyhow le me answering your question.

so here is the rules of the award:

1. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers that also have amazing blogs and ideas to share

le me thinking 😀 1506730460710

  1. i’ m a good person.. with awsme sense of humor (i think so 😀 ) 😛
  2. i love nature.
  3. i spend most of my time alone ..with books and music.
  4. i’m fond of chinese food so much that i can marry a chenise man 😀
  5. well i dance in my kitchen 😛
  6. i do laugh on serious moments.
  7. My star is pisces n my date of birth is 3 march ^_^ m not gonna tell you my year 😀 the interesting thing is tomo is 3march 😀


its kind of childish post but i love it 🙂

that’s the happy version of mine ->






i m happy to nominate you guys:

  1. Fatma
  2. sana mahin
  3. syed danish
  4. sana khalid
  5. Richard peter
  6. Nathi
  7. nehavermaa
  8. Siddharth Jha
  9. Faceless man
  10. Abhishek pathania
  11. Edmark M. Law
  12. Shayra
  13. Nathprasand
  14. Emmanuel
  15. Ankita

that’s it 🙂

spread love and keep smiling 🙂 love you all



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