Your friends told you right thing  …”No matters what this girl will take your side “. You were quite happy about it that time you said to them she is mine and my only and today you left her with an excuse.” You are awesome, sweet, lovely and beautiful but you know what my parents would never agree for our marriage “Guess what she was sweeter than sweats…she tried to make you less ashamed of yourself so she said “ o love I no longer wished to be your bride… That’s it you won the argument. What are you doing now? Offering other girls to coffee date… Wow man, you got some serious guts.. you know every time you asked another girl out …She felt that maybe something was wrong with her …If you never loved her…you should never dated her. You should never told her that she was your best friend and you were proud of her. These cheesy lines just melted her and she named her heart after you. Did you know that? Every time you came to her house. She silently wished to hug you and kiss your forehead. Every time you left her house she sat on your sofa and pretended to be unnoticed by imagining herself next to you… Did you know that?

For you, she was just another girl but for her, you were the whole world she was so stupid …that she believed in the lies you told her…I promise I will marry you…I’m sorry I hurt you o believe me, my love, you are my sweetheart .. I love you more than anything in this universe…Even when you had nothing to offer she was happy to be yours. She secretly assumed herself your wife… She was hopelessly romantic …what you did? You just broke her… completely even now she forgets to remain happy. She spent her day hating you and her nights loving you…in her prayers, she always requests to remove your thoughts from her head.

Who am I too told you all this? I’m her pillow. She always cries at nights wanting you to listen. But you, my dear, don’t have a heart… I have seen those messages you send her last month “don’t text me “. I want to tell you one thing just one thing you will never see this version of her again…she will never forgive herself as she loved you with her whole soul and You rejected her like an old cigarette.

© Arooba


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