Its was an other regular day when suddenly I received a message from an unknown number “come online she wants to talk” I opened my whats app and there she is “stupid,


bitch ,

my best friend ..instead of asking me what should i bring for you..? She ordered whats in the menu? ;D and without any second thought I called her and laughed on her question.. After an hour she came with a packet of lays and we hugged ..after all we met after ages., We talked for a while and then we ate our food meanwhile my sister and she talked about their previous jobs and experiences ..I too add up some lines on their conversation then she made tea for us.After few minutes her alert system start ringing then she went with a promise that we will meet again soon, well I hope we will 🙂

Friends are blessing but best friends are more than that 🙂

P.s.  she’s mine and I hate her other friends 😀

© Arooba

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