Clock tick tock

11 feb 2018

she crossed her line …her planning was dreadful and everyone was sure she will be fail but she don’t care about others ..she drive her car straight to GT road ..everywhere police was standing and checking .. within few minutes policeman stopped her car and asked for driving license (as she was driving so fast) and to their surprise she showed them her license and within few seconds they set her free now she headed towards her house with a knife in her hand as she was prepared to commit a murder .. everyone on her house were sleeping as she already hypnotize them to eat  sleeping pills..


there she was wondering what will be her fate .. clocks tick tick was torturing her for the very first time..but when the clock showed the time 12:00 am

she got the best surprise ever HER BEST FRIEND with a cake on her hands 😛

she wished her Happy birthday and requested the angel to give her everything she ever wanted ^_^



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