How do you define love?

for me, love is the shine of child’s eye when he sees his parents,

Love is the act of a person praying for someone they once had connect,

Love is the different colors of rainbow in the sky,

Love is the excitement to meet your friends and family after a long time,

Love is playing with your partner’s hair, to roll your fingers on them,

Love is giving your favorite pack of juice to someone else.

Love is giving the last bite of chocolate to your nephew,

Love is waiting for the perfect one and saving your soul for them,

Love is the countless blessings of Allah.

Love has so many languages and definition, how do you define love?

Β© Arooba

29 thoughts on “How do you define love?

  1. Good question!
    To me love is doing something for someone else when you know their plate is full.

    Love is waking up at night to put your kid back to bed even though all you want to do is sleep.

    Love is cleaning up vomit even though it makes you want to vomit.

    Love is stopping at the gas station and buying your loved one their favorite candy bar just because

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  2. Love is expressed more in giving than in taking and fully expressed by God who is the very definition of love as shown in the deep love he has for us all… Good job on this piece, Arooba

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