Choose the path that scares you the most.

Sometimes in our life, we face difficulty in choosing a right path because we don’t think that path to be easier for us. We perceive it as a beast that will haunt us, no matters how much preparation we could do to protect ourselves from him. His mysterious eyes will scan us from a long distance, his face will make us forget that horny bitch we scared of long times ago, his teeth will tear our body into pieces and his strong arms will hold us tightly meanwhile his nails will design texture that will last forever…and he will leave us in the hollow forest where no one dares to come without his permission.

Isn’t it scary enough?

Now think about it again…what if that right path will lead you to the tale of fairies..? The sun will shine even brighter than before..the birds will sing more beautifully..the clouds will welcome you with little drops of snow and the people around you, praise you for the decision you made for yourself. No beast will haunt you, no dog bark on you and no one will ever talk bad behind you..(some  still will talk behind your back but does it matter when you have the support of your loved one? No, it does not ^_^ so chill.)

Life would be easier if we just stop thinking about the side effects of our decision. Maybe that decision is not easier but it will definitely give you a new vision of life.

Have a happy Thursday everyone 🙂

P.s. think positive 🙂



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