I’m thinking out loud

Maybe you were busy, Maybe I annoyed you, Maybe we came too close, That’s how I started to suffocate you.                                                              Maybe you felt darkness inside me,                                                              Maybe your demon liked to be hidden,                                                              That’s why you made me feel unwanted. Maybe the distance you created was unintentional, Maybe you didn’t experience it […]

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Midnight thought: words vs silence

Words are not enough to convey the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of mine, So, let my silence have its say, the darker it is, the louder it roars, Ask me nothing, I wouldn’t able to say, My words are not enough to tell my tale. © Arooba

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Somewhere between You are my strength and I don’t want you anymore…She forget to elaborate him..He never deserved her. Few words that remained unsaid via Daily Prompt: Elaborate ©Arooba      

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