Far Away

I’m going far away From this drama of life You won’t able to find me You will search for me everywhere Except inside of your heart I will remain there forever ©Arooba

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When it rains

When it rains, My heart shatters and causes me pain, My mind never stops responding to your name, I feel helpless and want to hide myself but never find me in a safe hut. When it rains, I want to show you my scares, I wish to touch you for so long, I refuse to […]

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Attending classes, doing an assignment and presentations were a mundane for him until She became part of his daily routine. Featuring “cheese in a trap” © Arooba  

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Every message i sent to you every feeling i have truly meant for you every tear i shed is because of you and all you only do is seen fuck how mean. ©Arooba    

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When i miss you I close my eyes imagine how you looks like How you smile how you tease how your color gives me peace How your company makes me feel How your hug around me heals How your gentle touch makes my heartbeat fast How your smell in me last I memorize everything that […]

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