Love: a beautiful melody

love is a beautiful melody that everyone wants to sing and dance with flowers ring wish to see the end with madness in their eyes who knows what would be the end is it sad or nice? I heard people telling stories of their past that false love never last people always fall for the […]

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Love story

Since my childhood, I was very fond of love stories, when I grew up, I found people faking it, Some fall for each other but failed to marry them, Some mixed it with lust, Some just friend-zoned their soulmate for their entire life, might be afraid to lose them but the romance I saw in […]

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She was a butterfly She was cute,cheery but shy She sang and dance up in the sky She keeps me alive She was beautiful in every style She never let anyone cry The boundaries around her  never let her chase a dream she likes With the passage of time she faded her lights She stopped […]

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