Fucked up feelings

The clock tick – tick, the fan’s noise, their voices in my head and my own expectations from me shouting on me ” you are wasting your time ..you are wasting your time… you will not achieve your goal because you are not trying hard …you suck, why don’t you set a target for yourself? […]

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Mr flirt

Handsome, tall and thin but gosh his looks were so dashing, his way of communication was classy, his pick up lines were cheesy, I looked at him and blushed without his knowledge, I made him my new crush, later I discovered his number in every woman clutch I laughed and named him Mr. flirt. © […]

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Life is unpredictable. Isn’t it? You share your worries to love ones with the expectation that they won’t let you down, no matters what, you can express your shit to them but when reality knocks to your door; the scenario change automatically, the one who you trust used your secrets to give weight to their arguments. Ah, this is the worse experience you can ever expect from […]

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lover of games

I met a guy,quite insane I went closer to see his flaws And after spending almost five years with him I found out he is a lover of some cs:go  shit And he can live without me, but can’t breathe without those So here I am playing need for speed to keep him close. I […]

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I know that dress is karma, perfume regret You got me thinking ’bout when you were mine, oh And now I’m all up on ya, what you expect? But you’re not coming home with me tonight You just want attention, you don’t want my heart Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone […]

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O Dear Past The more you come The more I will ask You can’t define me From the moments that never last. Forget the things you know Let it go or move on The more you push the more you hurt Please leave my wounds untouched. © Arooba    

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In the forest of her thoughts his memories were the only place untouched. via Daily Prompt: Forest © Arooba  

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Its was an other regular day when suddenly I received a message from an unknown number “come online she wants to talk” I opened my whats app and there she is “stupid, idiot, bitch , my best friend ..instead of asking me what should i bring for you..? She ordered whats in the menu? ;D […]

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I feel grateful to an awesome blogger kishanlakhotia, who has nominated me for THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD. THE RULES: 1. Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog. 2. Tell your readers 3 things about your self. 3. Nominate 10-20 bloggers you feel deserve the award. 4. Answer the questions from the […]



Somewhere between You are my strength and I don’t want you anymore…She forget to elaborate him..He never deserved her. Few words that remained unsaid via Daily Prompt: Elaborate ©Arooba      

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Set yourself free

Have you ever met someone who ripped your soul out of you who laugh while watching you bleeding from the wounds they gave who pass a smile every time you thought to move on that devil lives inside of you. P.s. that someone is your negative thoughts..delete them before they delete the pure soul of […]

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You are not alone

Its fascinating to know somewhere someone who are no longer in touch spend quality time with you you may complain to yourself that o dear I’m the one suffering but deep down they too are the victim of memories you both made togetter those little talks still exist in their heads those songs that you […]

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Little Angel

A little angel arrived at my house her hands were small so were her mouth her eyes were pretty, her cheeks were cute her head was covered with band of flowers her heart was soft like a petal of rose her voice was fruity and her hairs were small I met her and now I […]

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. Helen Keller goodnight everyone 🙂 ©Arooba

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Words & Actions

Sometimes you can’t decide whether to show happiness or yell to express your sadness. In this condition you are unaware of your powers … We as a human being can make other feel as if they are in heaven through our words and actions but at the same time we can drag them in to […]

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There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book. Josh Jameson

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Everyone owns a list of particular songs that they listen whenever reality blurred their visions. So many songs attached with so many memories and emotions that we can never lay down in our own words..but when we clicked on our favorite song all the right words dance with the music and laugh on us ..memories […]

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Instant vs pigeon messenger

In this world of technology, we believe in quick responses. If we mail,message or miss call someone ,we want them to response as quick as possible. If we don’t get the response we feel bad about ourselves and often judge others..but can’t we just assume that maybe the other person is  busy or forget to […]

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A single word with thousand of emotions and feelings. Those who were in any relationship know..it hurts to hear this word ..you can’t even explain why you loved that person..so much …that you forget to save some love for yourself..you want to share everything with that special person that is now in your  “EX LIST”. […]



Sometimes all you need is someone who listen instead of giving advice. © Arooba 3/18/2018

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“That’s the thing about pain, It demands to be felt”. -Faults in our stars.

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Walking towards the interview hall, she was happy ..but when she opened the door two middle aged ladies were there …they asked about her strength and weakness..a quick response she gave..my strength is i’m a hard-worker n my weakness is i got nervous easily..they asked but if you do then how could you handle the […]

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Why do people ignore?

Thinking about this strange scenario, and after reading some posts of Psychiatrist, I come to know that people often ignore others due to following reasons: it’s a way to hurt other person an excuse to avoid caring, giving respect or importance to other person It’s part of their changing behavior or personality. Well according to […]

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Look outside from the word “ME”

Everyone one is busy doing their usual thing ..smiling , stalking , writing , cooking, smoking , presenting ,talking or other things like that..while birds r singing songs , leaves are dancing and wind is blowing with a sweet smell. Everything seems perfect ..just they way it is..here i am sitting on my bed thinking […]

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You and Me.

You and Me are like butterfulies and bees we can fly together like besties but can’t merage into one single deal. we are same in nature but different from personalities i often said i can live without you but the truth is i can’t breath we may live apart but we are connected through hearts. […]

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Perfect world

Sometimes i wonder,  if everyone in this world tries to make peace by minding their own business..how beautiful this world would be..imagine..one day you open your eyes and you have everything you ever wanted and even your silly desires are sitting next to you and saying to you “try me ” 😛 the celebrities from […]

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Sometimes nights become more loner than loneliness itself sometimes silence don’t give the answers of unsaid questions sometimes mind stuck with little details of memories sometimes heart slow down to see who really cares sometimes clock tick tock is more musical than music itself sometimes words are not enough to explain the condition of heart […]

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Real Friend

Who is your real friend? the one who is with you when you are good for them or the one who don’t judge you? Sometimes is very important to find out who is really their for you i read a really heart touchy quote set yourself on fire seek those who fan your flames . if we […]

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Dear soulmate.

Without knowing your name my heart calling you in pain my mind making images of yours like an insane my eyes searching you in a crowd my hands writing about you without doubt i do believe in your existence as you r sitting right beside me for instance. P.s. i wish i know who are […]

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A fine day with friends

Today i was out with my friends for graduation lunch..yeah i still happy about my graduation ;p we went to a fine steak house restaurant.. where we ordered burgers and my favorite pasta.. Expectation : Reality my pasta was way better than expectation but less in quantity ..burgers were yummy we talked about many things […]

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Thinking about me

The more i spend time alone the more i enjoy my own company its like i love the only one person in the crowd of different people that’s me..ops i m in love with me.. ©Arooba  

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very simple but cool your love made me a fool .. P.s. just a thought.. ©Arooba

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Think about you.

When nights r clear n blue and everyone falls asleep except few when wind flow at its peak and trees dance along with the same speed when silence gives peace and drop of water creates nonsense speech when people covers their half dream and lonely ones hearing music with full steam i often think about […]

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Do you know me?

Right from the start i lost my heart i can’t see light anymore i lost everything that i never own you can heal me o dear but you don’t know me anymore. ©Arooba

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  “I love you neither with my heart nor with my mind My heart might stop, my mind can forget i love you with my soul because  my soul never stops or forgets ” Rumi ❤                 

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I’m in love with you

I ‘m in love with your smile with your personality with your mind with your words most of all i am in love with your soul ❤       P.s. happy valentine’s day to all of you .. you guys means a lot to me .. 😉 ©Arooba  

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Things like 90’s

i want a relationship like 90s where guy and girl used to express their emotions not tag each other on social media sites… where guy sent his parents to girl house not proposing her himself in  Paris… where love used to be beautiful not headache.. where love songs were more romantic than love scenes where […]

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Bad luck

What a bad luck he got he can have her but he never thought he always demanded everything in a high range he always approach other people to look more smart but he almost forget while counting the stars he lost the moon who loved him from her whole heart. ©Arooba  

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Your lips cures all scares of mine your hands make me fell for you one more time o love i must admit you are the criminal and i m your crime i love every gesture of yours ..as  if you were made just to be mine. ©Arooba

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His eyes were filled with tears as she was irate and upset. This was not the first time  they fight … but this fight was special as the girl was telling him that her parents were finding the perfect guy for her and all she ever wanted was to be his bride for the rest […]

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Conversation with self

As soon as i closed my eyes memories flooded back in live i went throw them all like a new girl visiting the mall i read the unsaid words of mine uncanny,jittery but in rhyme i felt the old me in this scene it was pretty selfless human being she knew i missed her a […]

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let’s chat ^_^

Whoever is reading my blog i want to know what is your favorite activity as i want to know about you guys ^_^ in advance my favorite activity is dancing on my kitchen while singing my favorite songs 😀 tell me yours  in the comment section ^_^  

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Sitting on my sofa Thinking about things that haven’t happened so far And you want me to believe that things will change for good Without any second thought that you might be wrong I believe on you.   ©Arooba  

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