Love: a beautiful melody

love is a beautiful melody that everyone wants to sing and dance with flowers ring wish to see the end with madness in their eyes who knows what would be the end is it sad or nice? I heard people telling stories of their past that false love never last people always fall for the […]

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I wonder

Sometimes I wonder, why human beings act like they know every damn thing? when they even do not have an idea of why they are here? they react, comment, criticize without putting their feet in other’s shoe they overthink, overreact and dramatize every situation as if no one is better than them… Why they do […]

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Double faced people

The worse kind of human being is often known as the double faced people. They usually are very cool in front of you and talk to you like you are most awesome person in this world,¬† even set you as a role model for others and behind you back boom that’s their real face ..pure […]

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