She loved him so deeply that when he left, she considered him dead. © Arooba

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Floating stick

In the night full of starsI waited for you for hoursI forget to recap that you were blindAs falling for the wrong one was your crime. I now honored your mistake as I learn not to put myself at stake,I forgave and forgot what you did.I learned to move on as a floating stick. ©Arooba


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4:26 a.m

It’s 4: 26 a.m I saw your picture half an hour ago, I cried, I yelled but then I thanked God, I know He loves me more than anyone in this universe, You were insane, your love created nothing but pain, How could I ask him to give you one more time? I can’t, I can’t, […]

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A Drunk Text to my crush

Hello Mr. Arrogant, Let me break the silence, I liked you since the first day of class, when my friend asked you to help us out in mathematics…I not even looked at your face because I just can’t afford to blush…when we talked like buddies, i tried to be more like bro- so that i […]

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he stares every girl in the street he keep busy himself with this treat his purpose on life is not define his motive is to break hearts of divine he push the one who loves him alot maybe he is curse to be alone . ©Arooba

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Dear crush

  lets play Hide and seek I will hide my love                                                            And you have to seek. ©Arooba          

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