Movie Review : To All The Boys I’ve loved before

The Super-hit movie series: To All the boys I have loved before has been completed with the third one; Always and Forever

As a fan of a rom-com movie, I must confess here this movie series is a jackpot for me.  It has it all; teenage drama, love-affairs, crushes confession, siblings bond, and comedy.  It is directed and written by Susan Johnson and Sofia Alvarez.

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The Plot of the movie:

The story revolves around a girl named Lara Jean, A Korean-American teenager who is shy and mostly prefers to spend her time in solitude. As an introvert, she pours her heart out through writing. She used to write love letters to her crushes. She kept them in her secret box until one day she finds out all of her letters have sent to their respective owners by her Lil sister. It blows her mind. What happens next changed her life forever.

The chain of this movie series:

  • To All the boys I’ve loved before

The one where Lara jean finds out her little sister sent out all of her love letters to her crushes. One of them was the main male protagonist with whom Lara Jean faked her relationship till she finds out he chooses her to be his one.

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  • To All the boys: P.S. I still love you

The one where Lara Jean and Peter start dating for real but, she finds out her other crush received her letter.

  • To All the boys: Always and Forever

The one when Lara Jean and Peter start their senior year and finds out they have to choose a career over their relationship.

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To All the Boys: Always and Forever Music - Beginning Middle End SongCast: The female protagonist, Lara Jean has been beautifully played by Lana Condor. The part of her sisters (Margot and Kitty) is played by Janel Parrish and Anna Cathcart. While John Corbett decently played his role as her father. The dashing Noah Centineo played a part of caring, and loving boyfriend as a male protagonist will melt your heart. Other supporting characters also made this movie series more intriguing with their performance.


According to IMDb, this movie series has a rating of 7.1 out of 10 while, 97% Google audience rated it as a good watch. This movie series started in 2018, made its audience stick to the story till the last part that has been released recently on February 12, 2021, on Netflix. I loved how beautifully each character played their part, and how surprisingly it made me believe that true love stories exist if you believe in them. I highly recommend you all to watch it and enjoy yourself.

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