Give Priority to Yourself

People leave without any valid reason, or sometimes they gave vague excuses. You want them to stay for a moment. You try so hard to make them believe you are right for them that you forget your own existence. They made you believe ” You are Ordinary” when you made them your priority. This cycle never ends until one realizes his/her worth.

I want you to know:
You Are Rare
You Are Important
You Deserve Respect
You Are Special
You Deserve To Be Loved

Stop running after those who made a fool out of you. They let you love them only to make themselves superior. Forgive them and love the person you see inside the mirror. Love yourself.
If you ever think that it is difficult to do then remember, there are so many people. There would be someone who would be exactly like you. Who would be willing to give you EVERYTHING. Who would love to discover you like a treasure. They will text you and ask you random questions. They will love to talk to you every single day and will inform you without you asking them their routine. They will remain in your life forever. They will keep you as a gem. Wait for them. Wait for someone who would call you theirs without any hesitation. Because for them, YOU ARE THEIR EVERYTHING.

For now, just focus on yourself. Be optimistic and give priority to yourself. Ignore those who think “you are just another person”.



5 thoughts on “Give Priority to Yourself

  1. “ You Are Rare
    You Are Important
    You Deserve Respect
    You Are Special
    You Deserve To Be Loved”

    These are great affirmations, and if anyone has difficulty reading these to themselves, this merely shows the need to do the inner work of healing from past hurts and damage to free the spirit to release the lies and to accept new truths!!

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  2. We are our biggest priority in this world. No matter what anyone thinks of us, all that matters is the opinion of ourselves and we are all important people, nothing more and nothing less. I also blog about things like this, feel free to go check it out. Keep writing wonderful pieces like this, enjoyed reading it !

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    1. so true, but we often forgets to give priority to ourselves. We think if I have this thing I would be worthy if I have that thing I would be worthy but the reality is we are our life main character, whatever we do influence our live. I would definitely read yours 🙂 and thankyou for visiting my site and aprreciating my work

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