She was something

It’s funny how fast a moment becomes a memory that you later chase. I never thought I would experience such emotions. I’m neither sad nor happy. But I am feeling emptiness in my heart. While listening to my favorite song, I am missing nobody. I am missing old me. That girl used to play her favorite songs, sing fearlessly, and dance on the kitchen floor while making tea. That girl never placed her buddle of happiness in others but herself. She was complete. She never talked to people to shut the voices of her head Instead, she used to enjoy them. Yes, I miss her a lot today. I Hope, this emptiness brings her back to life as, without her, I am just an ordinary person.

Have you ever felt like this?

Β© Arooba


12 thoughts on “She was something

  1. Was she carefree while you now feel careworn? Was she more innocent while you feel burdened with knowledge of how life can work?

    I too experienced being that way in my youth, even though I was living through some terribly difficult times. Now I need to mindfully create these moments. It takes more work now to create those moments which came so spontaneously before! I feel much lighter now when I do create those moments, in spite of the effort it takes.


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    1. yes Tamara, you got my point rightly πŸ™‚
      Life is hard but somehow we manage to survive. Reading you comment made me realize that i m not alone, thank you so much for sharing your experience.


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      1. It’s my pleasure Arooba! Sometimes simply knowing we’re not alone is all the help we need isn’t it?! Blessings!

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  2. In me
    i am a nothing
    next to them
    i do not know
    the other

    i can see the pictures
    the voices
    pursue into my childhood

    the beauty
    sometimes her breath so close
    not with my senses
    embraced with my arms

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