You are like the shinning moon

You are like the shinning moon that follows me

I saw you everywhere, I like to talk to you,

And image scenarios in my head with you,

I long for your response on my silly messages,

In this virtual world of fake people, I found you genuine.

Your mind, thoughts and soul are as clear as water,

Thinking of you gives me a fusion of emotions,

Whenever, I read your words, I feel myself a little closer to you,

But when I see how you interact with your followers

I get scared as they’re pretty and you are friendly,

I long for that response, I am afraid I will never get.

I wish to be yours, I wish you could be mine,

But it is too much to ask, as I’m not good enough for you,

As, you are the shinning moon, I couldn’t able to reach.

© Arooba

P.s. Happy new year everyone 🙂


3 thoughts on “You are like the shinning moon

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