He made her laugh

Putting her phone aside, she decided to remain quiet. In her head, she kept repeating “no one understands me literally no one.” Deep down, she wanted someone who could cuddle her so tight that all her broken pieces could stick together again. But, It was only possible if she could share her feelings with someone else. She did have few close friends but she just wanted them to sense her sadness without any clues. She cried so hard that her body started shivering then she realized something was wrong. She googled it and find out it was nothing but anxiety. After a while, she texted her best friends who were too busy with their daily chores. So, she started distracting herself by reading a magazine. After a few minutes later, her door knocked and her father came…”Oyee Uth Kar Kahana Kah buht gussa ata hai tujy ( he snatched that magazine from her hands) she yelled it’s an expensive one and they both laughed then she wiped her tears, went outside to open the main door. When she came back, she found her meal with a cup of tea, was waiting for her… She smiled and went to the tv launch to join others.

P.s. After all her Daddy knows her better than anyone.

Β© Arooba


10 thoughts on “He made her laugh

  1. If there is a close connection between two persons one can feel that the other one has some problems – and suddenly synchronity appears… because thoughts of love are also connected…

    Thanks for sharing this touching story, my dear friend Arooba πŸ™‚
    Hugs and love

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