The Last Call

He called her for the last time…
He: Tomorrow is the day, I am going to be married to someone other than the one I wanted to.
She: Everything will be okay…we have discussed that before and you were sure about your choice of choosing her over me… Didn’t you? ( she was crying and pretending to be strong)
He: I never thought that I have to do this like seriously!!
Everything was pretentious till My father announced that Next week my uncle will arrive and wedding functions would be after that. I thought I would be able to escape this nightmare but I spent the whole week searching for the answer but… now, All I have is just this one night.
She: let it go… she is a nice girl and you will be happy with her. Besides, we still have this one night… Let’s say a proper Goodbye to our love story. Do you remember that time when you were crying to stop me from crying? she laughed while tears were touching her cheeks)
He smiled…”Yup, I remember you kissed me after that and I made a promise to never hurt you again… but look here I am.”
She calmed him down till he slept on his phone.

That was the last night when two lovers decided to be strangers again.

© Arooba



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