Love: a beautiful melody

love is a beautiful melody

that everyone

wants to sing

and dance with flowers ring

wish to see the end with madness in their eyes

who knows what would be the end is it sad or nice?

I heard people telling stories of their past

that false love never last

people always fall for the wrong

and act shit when the wrong one has gone

so better to stay far

as love is itself a jar

that always fade its color

whether you look like Stefan, bonnie or tailor

don’t fall in love you may stay alive

as after falling you kidnap yourself in a lie.

© Arooba



5 thoughts on “Love: a beautiful melody

  1. My dear Arooba,

    Love of the mind is rather body love, since we have identified us with our body, but we are not the body, we are more. Saints say: Love starts in the body, but it does not end there – if it ends there, then it is only lust… real love is love also for everyone, as we all are drops of the same ocean…

    All the best, my friend and thanks for sharing 🙂
    From heart to heart

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