Mind knows…

In the darkness of night, the heart was crying when the mind asked her the reason she cried harder…

Mind: What is wrong with you?

Heart: I cannot think of anything else but him

Mind: He moved on, don’t you remember?

Heart while crying: But he promised to stay…

Mind aggressively replied:” You asked him to go don’t you remember?”

Heart: I just cannot imagine myself without him… I might ask him to go but I cannot live with him.. how could He?

Mind laughed and replied: He was never yours… For him, You were just another person.

Mind made the heart relaxed by telling her the fairytales that were her dream…. after listening to them she slept..

Little did mind knew she never deserved to be treated like that.

© Arooba



5 thoughts on “Mind knows…

  1. Wow… I read few of your writings and these are amazing…. I guess that is the nature of love…. We all tend to suffer in love but the thing is the person should worth it… Then the sufferings can still be beautiful😍💓… I hope she will get some one some day…. Who’s
    a complement … Someone who completes her. Fuck boys will come and go… Love will happen one day when the time will be just right🤘

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