The aroma of pure love

A few days ago, my dad advised me that beta in this world only the love of parents is pure and unconditional, they give without demanding anything in return other than this relation, everyone demands something in return even your siblings whom you love unconditionally plays a game of give and take so be patient and make yourself capable to stand independently in this world. I understood the concept and applied it to different relationships of mine.

When I applied it to the love of my sister, I found the unconditional love of hers. She doesn’t want anything in return. She always helped me to grow and encourage me to be myself without any doubt.

When I applied it to the love of my good friends, I found the conditional love of them. Their love demands something in return if I for some reason cannot fulfill their expectations, they change their behavior towards me, so to maintain my relations, I have to play my part in the game of give and return.

When I applied it to the love of my best friend, ah! of course, the result was positive. She doesn’t even know I was testing her :p I found our love unconditionally gay πŸ˜€

I know, give and take is a general rule of life but you know it makes me feel special whenever I find unconditional love around me.

Background music like unconditional love by Ketty perry would be a perfect match for this blog.

Stay happy,





9 thoughts on “The aroma of pure love

  1. My dear Arooba,

    We have to become like the sun, shinging with love, spreading it to all people around us not asking anything in return, but just give and give with all our heart…

    Hugs and love, my friend πŸ™‚

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      1. Welcome, my dear Arooba πŸ™‚
        There is one Ocean in which each one of us is a drop. The same consciousness runs through our veins. From outside we are separated, from inside we are all one in the One.
        All good wishes for you and your family

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