Let’s think differently

Life is short right? We want to do so many things but end up doing nothing but regret..because somehow we like the idea of becoming victim all the time.. we assume differently about everything like if someone is not talking with you, you will assume that he/she might not be interested in you anymore. Here, i am not talking about boyfriend or girlfriend but all the relationships of ours. We don’t give much time to them because we make assumptions about them alot.. In surah AL-Hujurat 49: 12 of Quran,

Allah says,” believers, avoid being excessively suspicious, for some suspicion is a sin..”

Talking about people without knowing whether the things you have heard about them is true or not is a sin. You don’t have a right to judge anyone. As you, yourself don’t want others to judge you on your actions.. you don’t want people to make assumptions about you then why you always make assumptions about others?

The point is we all are blessed with a gift of brain. We should use it wisely.. we should stay away from people who come to us only to gossip about other people.. we should clear ourselves from the dust of assumptions. Without clarity, we should never rise finger on others.

Life is short but peace of mind and sound living can make a difference 🙂

Be happy  🙂




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