Chapar chato

Today, when i woke up…my mother told me about the death of baba jee ( my teacher ) and after that i just couldn’t stopped myself and i cried. For the second time, I encountered with death of a close one.. I soldem knew that meaning of death when my little cousin died.. my female cousin told me about that over a phone call.. I was hardly 12 years old so I felt sad but was ok after some hours. Today when i heard about him.. my eyes flooded with tears… in my head, i heard his voice…”CHAPAR CHATO “.. he used to call me that as i talked so much with him about so many things…over phone and skype. We were so close, for him m not a student but a daughter. He told me so many things…he taught me Quran…he was not my teacher but a friend with whom i could talk about anything.. I wrote about him in my diary…he used to laugh on my innocence and often tell my father that she will be fine and successful cuz she is with me and always will be..

I know he will always be with matters what… but deep down I’m feeling extreme can someone just go without saying goodbye…I didn’t know he was ill ..the last time, I saw him he was smiling and due to my fancy clothes and heels…he was like who is she? I don’t know her… and i said m arooba…you don’t know me do you? and he smiled and kissed me on head and hugged me and replied how could i forget you? chapar chato then he made us sit on the front row of wedding hall.. i was watching him from distance.. I was thinking how close he is with other people and how i never had a chance to capture a pic with him when others casually doing that.. and when we were about to leave I met him and he was behind me when he pushed me and said chapar chato sai sy chalo… that was the last advice he gave to me.. I will never forget it..

I miss him.. May Allah give sabr to his family… May he rest in peace :’)

© Arooba


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