A Drunk Text to my crush

Hello Mr. Arrogant,

Let me break the silence, I liked you since the first day of class, when my friend asked you to help us out in mathematics…I not even looked at your face because I just can’t afford to blush…when we talked like buddies, i tried to be more like bro- so that i wouldn’t fall in love with you… you talk to so many people mostly the girls who claims to like you n you showed me their text.. i don’t want to be like them..hell no…this is the only reason i abuse you more like a bro.. our talks are more shittier than anyone can imagine…I know I sound weird trust me you look good even in your stupid dp that i asked you to change the other day…You look cuter when you give me lectures about things …you look handsome when you wear black shirt…and you look funny when you crack a joke that is not funny at all :p You are different from others…I like to argue with you and you know the art of not letting me win…I want to thank you for being there for me when i needed someone to hear me out, who listens without judgement…and you were that person who did it all.. you listened to me…you helped me out and then you cleared my mind by revealing that you like to listen people’s stories..its like flying to you experiencing the inexperience…I smiled because you were honest at that moment. You never think of me as a mature one..I can guess…but for me you are the best person.

I know how to maintain distance between us..I will keep that forever so that you will be my friend forever and ever..photo1061193

I will never ever reveal my secret crush on you..cuz I like the way we are..:)

so don’t be so arrogant!

Not yours



P.s. just for your information..I Texted you with your full spellings instead of calling you BC..dont respond as i can’t explain this shit…


27 thoughts on “A Drunk Text to my crush

  1. Omg. Totally loved it. It reminded me of myself. Oh god you got the exact emotions in your work.
    P.s- why do I have a feeling that your crush likes you too. Maybe you never know 😉


      1. The pleasure is all mine. Truly it reminded me of myself. I swear.
        Maybe you can check it in one of my old work- dusky brown .
        Will be waiting for your feedback 😊


      2. Thanks. Would love to hear from you soon.
        Haha I should not say. I am still far from perfect. Just a girl with a paper , pen and thoughts

        Liked by 1 person

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