When I friendzoned Mr. fraud

When I realized his reality, I just told him that we cannot come into a real relationship so its better if we limit this unnamed relation and called it a distant friendship ( as I never let him know me ) He agreed.

Days were passing and we talked like friends. I never talked to him more than 5 messages so he was quite used to it. He got his new job and was very excited about it while I was busy in my usual routine. Then on his first day at the office, I asked him about his day and we talked for less than 5 minutes. After that day, I started ignoring his text messages.

Yesterday when I was drinking my lemonade, I texted him back. I asked him about some usual stuff then he told me about his interaction with other girls.” A girl is trying to talk to me and three girls wanted to be in touch with me and you know na I’m pretty good looking and my dressing style is quite unique and these girls… they are beautiful but you know I take more interest in personality than beauty ”  I smiled.  I was about to say ” Do you like any of them? ” when he threw another text… “You know, I don’t like anyone nor I dislike any but I like the courage and consistency of one girl as she looked into my eyes and when I stare back she does not move and made an awkward situation for me but I like her and maybe she will talk to me ” I thought how fastly he revealed his true color and now giving me evidence that I was right about him the whole time.  After completing his whole story, he said I’m sleepy so I’ m going to sleep and when I replied him to stay …he said: “since when a girl like you taking interest in talking with me?” I wanted to slap him but just made up some stuff and called it a night.

Hence like mathematics question endings, I can conclude 

My expectation = His reality

I’m so happy :p shabbymaleisopod-size_restricted

Diary of a girl



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