While talking to the stranger,

I realized that I’m not me anymore

As I become someone, I liked the most

During my conversation with that stranger

I barely talk about myself my interest, my love or

Everything that connects with me; instead,

He ( the stranger ) told me everything and then gave me a compliment

that I’m different because I don’t show off anything

His most common line was You are beautiful!

When I asked the reason behind this compliment, he simply replied,

because You are mysterious!

Then, I laughed and wore my mask again :p

ยฉ Arooba


20 thoughts on “Mysterious

      1. I guess so. But by pretending to be mysterious we are not accepting for who we are. I think we must love who we are and for what we are.

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      2. I agree. Trusting someone hard. I also have the same problem. But that should not come in way of expressing yourself. Look we have to draw the line between personal and something we express. Trusting someone is choice but forbidding yourself from how you are. I think that is a crime. You will never know who you are if you continue pretending to be someone else….

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      3. Well well well i never pretend to be someone.. but i just dnt want anyone to come near me… because once they do.. they fall in love with me.. ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha sorry for being a narcissistic


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