People come to our lives for a purpose. They remain with us till the completion of that very purpose. After that, they disappear forever and left so many blur memories behind them. Half an hour ago, I was watching a very fascinating season, where there was a scene in which the hero was thinking about his friend and then he said words that pushed me to think about the friends and people who were once there in my life. He said his friend has no purpose that connects her to his life so she is leaving from his life forever. After the end of that episode, I just started walking as at that moment my mind recollected so many memories about those people who are no longer belongs to me. It was funny. I felt every emotion back then, how I used to spend my college days with my best friend Nimra, I still miss her sometimes because she left me without any goodbye. later a friend of hers said to me that I was lucky for not knowing the reason behind her disappearance. I tried to contact her but all my efforts went in vain so I stopped. I also remember my friend Zara, we were so close back then but now it seems like a dream when we were best friends and no force on earth could separate us. Today I have nothing to talk with her and the bond between us is broken.

I guess this is life and we are here to collect memories. While collecting them, there is surely a rule to go forward with the memories of the past and with a blank slide for the future because the future is always full of uncertainty. WHO KNOWS what is WAITING FOR Us 🙂w08-01212.jpg

© Arooba

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