I don’t know what’s wrong with me? I can’t stop thinking about you…You are an asshole you know na? I hate you more than anything in this world but you know what? every second I thought of you, you guide me whenever I misguide myself …Your stupid heart still beats …in me I don’t know why on earth I didn’t change his name he is my heart not yours then why everytime I call him he responds to your name only? R u some kind of magician? or am I insane? or mad?

look at yourself you are so cool and chill…how could you be so cool?

Just come to me… I will kill you or kidnap you…or I just look at you for a while to absorb your shitty face and your bullshit noise …I want to cuddle and throw you from bed at the same time..can you feel me…? I am out of my mind …All I can feel is you in me..nothing else.

Her side of a story

© Arooba


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