Choose the path that scares you the most.

Sometimes in our life, we face difficulty in choosing a right path because we don’t think that path to be easier for us. We perceive it as a beast that will haunt us, no matters how much preparation we could do to protect ourselves from him. His mysterious eyes will scan us from a long […]


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Letter to broken hearts

Dear human, I know people hurt you a lot whenever you tried to love them with your whole …I know your intentions and love was pure… I know you thought they will give you the love you deserve even if they don’t you will survive with their glimpse because you love them no matters what […]

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My kind of people <3

In our lives, we come across with many people..some just cross our paths and some stay for a while only a few stays forever. Today let me clear one thing those who cross paths are witches, those who stay for a while beautify the moments and those who stay work as an oxygen supplier in […]

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