Fucked up feelings

The clock tick – tick, the fan’s noise, their voices in my head and my own expectations from me shouting on me ” you are wasting your time ..you are wasting your time… you will not achieve your goal because you are not trying hard …you suck, why don’t you set a target for yourself? Why you are sleeping? why you were up this late? what you want from life?

I’m trying. Believe me, I’m. I try my level best to reduce stress but at the end of the day, I can’t talk about it with anyone because everyone is just giving stress mental stress…standing straight and facing people is something that is new for me… I never tried to talk with people as deep inside I already know they don’t understand my feelings …loneliness was and still my best friend. I will achieve my goal …and in the next five years, I will be a successful person just give me some time to reconstruct myself. tumblr_lha2n37kxr1qaqj2yo1_500_large

© Arooba



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