Life is unpredictable. Isn’t it? You share your worries to love ones with the expectation that they won’t let you down, no matters what, you can express your shit to them but when reality knocks to your door; the scenario change automatically, the one who you trust used your secrets to give weight to their arguments. Ah, this is the worse experience you can ever expect from life. 38167205-life

I personally experience this condition, and I was shocked. I looked at myself and asked don’t you know what will happen next? Can’t you keep your shit to yourself? Don’t you know Hazrat Ali (R.A) calls? He said whenever you share your secret with anyone you just give them a right to use it wherever they want. 

We all are liars, aren’t we? We share secrets of others and when others do this …we blame them… Can’t we stop this act for god’s sake?can-you-keep-a-secret-400x300



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