Words & Actions

Sometimes you can’t decide whether to show happiness or yell to express your sadness. In this condition you are unaware of your powers … We as a human being can make other feel as if they are in heaven through our words and actions but at the same time we can drag them in to hell through bitter words and cruel actions.

We often forget so many good deeds of people when it comes to the fight “who gonna win the argument” . We prefer to insult them both consciously or unconsciously through giving references from their past. Remembering little details of past events is our power that we can use in a positive way..like when someone is sad ..you can tell them how much you value them ..how much they did for others and how good they are..these simple reminders will give them peace and maybe because of you,Someone will feel better.

Your words and actions express who you are in actual and I personally believes everyone owns a good soul, we just have to explore how to find it.

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Β© Arooba


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