Everyone owns a list of particular songs that they listen whenever reality blurred their visions. So many songs attached with so many memories and emotions that we can never lay down in our own words..but when we clicked on our favorite song all the right words dance with the music and laugh on us ..memories flood back with those feelings that we want to forget sometimes gives pleasure or other time gives pain..

I own an amazing list of songs, that let me travel back to my past or sometimes to the world I love the most. some of them are

  • You know way to go back home song from grey’s anatomy : Whenever I feel down I listen this song and It gives me hope that no matters how hard the situation is , I will survive.
  • Photograph by ed sheeran : Whenever I tries to keep myself calm , I click on this song and it gives me happiness that no matters how far my close ones are, their photographs are with me and I can see them anytime anywhere
  • Nothing else matters ..Metallica : Whenever I miss my special friend … I listen to this song.
  • Mein goan tm sojao M. rafi : My heart favorite song since my childhood ..ah the way dady sings this song … i love his voice πŸ™‚ I love rafi jee voice too πŸ˜›
  • Thinking out loud : A perfect imagination …I love to dance in this song so this song is my happy song
  • Perfect :Β  A song that gives me hope that one day someone will see me like ed sheeran see his girl .img

Good night everyone .

Β© Arooba






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