A single word with thousand of emotions and feelings. Those who were in any relationship know..it hurts to hear this word ..you can’t even explain why you loved that person..so much …that you forget to save some love for yourself..you want to share everything with that special person that is now in your  “EX LIST”.

  • ex best friend
  • ex good friend
  • ex neighbor
  • ex boyfriend

They may hurt you badly…but each of them give you some thing …very special i.e. beautiful memories and lessons for life. My ex-best friend taught me to live the moment and to stay connected like blue tooth otherwise  will end up like strangers forever..My ex-good friend taught me don’t reveal your secrets as they can be use to hurt you.. My ex-neighbor taught me sometimes its okay to be friends for a small period ..We will remember each other like friends with good memories and My ex boyfriend taught me Sometimes you have to go with the flow not for yourself but for those who care about you the most. They all gave so wonderful moments that will stay with me forever 🙂 .

© Arooba



9 thoughts on “Ex

  1. Na Na Na….that is not the case with me….I always have a very strong bond with all my exes… That’s because we actually don’t separate when something really gets bitter…We never lose respect.. and that brings me to the point that Respect is the key word…. Actually I don’t make things very complicated…it’s very simple ….bit that’s also just my experience….I know some people who are just not lucky…..They cry and move on….From their experiences I learnt that we as women should always respect ourselves first…. don’t give in so easily…. don’t lose your self at any cost…..

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    1. Well life has its own way to teach us lessons ..people come and go .but they left a lesson for us behind them.it can be the lesson of respect ourselves or can be the lesson to stop relaying on others..in either case we have to find out what they teached us 🙂


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