Look outside from the word “ME”

Everyone one is busy doing their usual thing ..smiling , stalking , writing , cooking, smoking , presenting ,talking or other things like that..while birds r singing songs , leaves are dancing and wind is blowing with a sweet smell. Everything seems perfect ..just they way it is..here i am sitting on my bed thinking about the possibilities of life..its true that where there is darkness there is light ..where there is problem , the solution is there as if they are playing hide and seek, we just have to find the solution in order to solve the problem..but sometimes your can’t see what is the problem behind this perfect scenario? maybe the people i am talking about are empty souls and they keep themselves busy to ignore the question that others often ask “what’s wrong?” and maybe the birds r singing sad songs because we don’t understand their language we just think they r happy souls or maybe trees and wind  are trying to run from their worries with tears on their eyes..trees are releasing the leaves and wind is trying to help them go away.., we only know the happy side of people because we only love that side..we are mean ..don’t you think?

lets be honest, we only think about ourselves in every stage of life. We choose our friends who always there when we need them, we love our siblings more when they do favors for us, we love our teachers, when they gave us the highest marks or praise us in front of our crush or parents,we love people when they love us.. We never do anything just to keep other person happy .. our circle revolved around us.. I, me , myself ..

If we for once look outside from our circle, we will see the world more clearly and the people , we may understand them better if we stop judging them from the limit we set for them in our minds.


© Arooba

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