Perfect world

Sometimes i wonder,  if everyone in this world tries to make peace by minding their own beautiful this world would day you open your eyes and you have everything you ever wanted and even your silly desires are sitting next to you and saying to you “try me ” 😛 the celebrities from the movies are living next to your house and you guys are chit chatting like an old friend 😀 No restriction no judgement nothing related to this exist in this world, people live freely and happily without any terror of bomb blast, murder,child labor, child abuse ,rape, martial issues… issues like that..everyone respects every other person like they want them to respect…love runs on every heart like blood runs on veins..and you and me write blogs on them 😀 What a awesome world it would be 🙂

P.s. Its such my random thought 🙂 feel free to share yours 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Wonder

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