A fine day with friends

Today i was out with my friends for graduation lunch..yeah i still happy about my graduation ;p we went to a fine steak house restaurant.. where we ordered burgers and my favorite pasta..

Expectation :



my pasta was way better than expectation but less in quantity ..burgers were yummy


we talked about many things that we can’t tell without physical presence..the dark secrets we afraid to communicate through messages πŸ˜€


meanwhile food arrived and we eat whole of it like a hungry doggy πŸ˜€


then we decided to visit faisal mosque


and enjoyed the beautiful view with plenty of selfies..


after that we decided to go home though metro bus


the aunties were staring us as we were the only people speaking with each other in a silent bus πŸ˜›

it was a wonderful day indeed:) hope you guys have a good one too ^_^

Β© Arooba44ec65cef416632d8b06c7f6f16de7d1




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