Graduation <3

so here it is…

mature,professional,pretty awesome.. Graduation day ^_^

we often forget to remember “everything that starts has an end”  

i still remember my first day of university when i was alone, don’t know how to talk with people and make friends. I used to stay quiet and mind my our business and everyone around me thinks i am too hard to be friendly. I then become part of an amazing group and still in contact with them 🙂

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and i will remember the memories of our last day forever 😉



it was fun .. the convention center was filled with thousands of people i.e. students, staff , parents , guests etc .islamabad-convention-center-inside3 every one was so excited about it and me .. i was nervous as my head was filled with thoughts about what will happened next…? but then i thought i should enjoy this very moment so i focused on the convocation program. It went well .. the best part was when the speaker announced our badge to stand ,governor declared us to be graduates and we passed our cap rope from left to right ( sign of pass). In the end of this program my mom hugged me and congrats me as i was finally graduate from university with good grades.  (this very moment was the best)

i would like to thanks to my parents for being with me throughout my hurdles as their love makes me who i am today 😉 i would  like to thanks my siblings  to being supportive and kind ^_^ . i would like to thanks my best friends who knew almost everything about me guys please never screw me 😀  and most of all i  would like to thanks ALLAH jee for not giving up on me when i was too annoying and stubborn  to handle the things i think i will never able to cope and your love let me achieve almost everything in my life ..:)

that’s it .. its over and its a happy ending as i got the degree and hopefully i will have a bright future. 😉




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