His eyes were filled with tears as she was irate and upset. This was not the first time  they fight … but this fight was special as the girl was telling him that her parents were finding the perfect guy for her and all she ever wanted was to be his bride for the rest of her life and he was arguing with her that he was not enough for her .. but after long argument she stopped talking and sit alone in the corner of his room … he left the room but after few hours he realize that maybe he can live without her but he don’t want to live a life without her…

he hugged her and as usual she hugged him back more tighter..

He smiled at her wife after telling this story to their child ..

who says love don’t have happy endings . LOVE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL essence of life.

©Arooba young-couple-baby-beautiful-parents-looking-their-cute-smiling-lying-together-bed-86669077

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