Relationship sucks

Loving someone with all your heart is the sweetest thing in the world but expecting them to love you the same is the most dangerous thing in the world because other person sometimes can’t put their ego down just for you. They always want you to want them but ignore the fact to be available […]

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The blow of wind is silently kissing me. The birds’ r singing for me The sun is shining even more bighter than before The clouds are planning to soon announce a war the rain is deparately wanting to come outside from the door the aroma of flowers are spreading the love of god the happy […]

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Smiling like an idiot.

Today when I woke up I was kind of happy…so happy. As I saw a dream where a guy was describing me so beautifully to his friend.. and i honestly dnt remember his face or even his phrases  …but all I know he was handsome and he loves the real me.. so i smiled knowing […]

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he stares every girl in the street he keep busy himself with this treat his purpose on life is not define his motive is to break hearts of divine he push the one who loves him alot maybe he is curse to be alone . ©Arooba

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Dear soulmate.

Without knowing your name my heart calling you in pain my mind making images of yours like an insane my eyes searching you in a crowd my hands writing about you without doubt i do believe in your existence as you r sitting right beside me for instance. P.s. i wish i know who are […]

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A fine day with friends

Today i was out with my friends for graduation lunch..yeah i still happy about my graduation ;p we went to a fine steak house restaurant.. where we ordered burgers and my favorite pasta.. Expectation : Reality my pasta was way better than expectation but less in quantity ..burgers were yummy we talked about many things […]

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Thinking about me

The more i spend time alone the more i enjoy my own company its like i love the only one person in the crowd of different people that’s me..ops i m in love with me.. ©Arooba  

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Conversation with a child

At nights she used to tell stories to her kids so that they can fall asleep while listening to them..but one night her little cutie pie told her that today m gonna tell you a story mama and  after that you have to sleep she smiled and he start narrating his story in his […]

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very simple but cool your love made me a fool .. P.s. just a thought.. ©Arooba

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My girl

She looks beautiful  even without makeup She looks pretty in every dress She looks innocent when she talks from her heart She looks smart when she codes logic in her arguments She looks  like a angry bird when i tease her Yeah she is my girl and m proud of her.   ©Arooba     […]

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My lips were sealed my eyes were closed my tears were falling my hands were shaking but all i said in my mind that i will be okay..:) ©Arooba

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Its a honor to be nominated for awards in word press ^_^ i think its being almost two n half month since i joined this site and its awesome ..everyone around here are talented 😉 the best person in this word press nominated me in the awesome blogger award.. thanks alot thepsychogrok for giving me love and […]

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Listen to my silence it might give you the hint that my words failed to express. ©Arooba  

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Think about you.

When nights r clear n blue and everyone falls asleep except few when wind flow at its peak and trees dance along with the same speed when silence gives peace and drop of water creates nonsense speech when people covers their half dream and lonely ones hearing music with full steam i often think about […]

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Do you know me?

Right from the start i lost my heart i can’t see light anymore i lost everything that i never own you can heal me o dear but you don’t know me anymore. ©Arooba

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  “I love you neither with my heart nor with my mind My heart might stop, my mind can forget i love you with my soul because  my soul never stops or forgets ” Rumi ❤                 

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I’m in love with you

I ‘m in love with your smile with your personality with your mind with your words most of all i am in love with your soul ❤       P.s. happy valentine’s day to all of you .. you guys means a lot to me .. 😉 ©Arooba  

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Things like 90’s

i want a relationship like 90s where guy and girl used to express their emotions not tag each other on social media sites… where guy sent his parents to girl house not proposing her himself in  Paris… where love used to be beautiful not headache.. where love songs were more romantic than love scenes where […]

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Cozy Night

It was a cold night.. she insisted him to stay at her house .. he agreed. When everyone slept .. she went to his room to borrow her blanket ..he was sleeping .. she looked at him for a while his hairs were messy.. his face was calm … his arms…? were empty .. without […]

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My childhood best friend

She is pretty in her own way She looks perfect one can say I always wonder how to define The bond we share is indefinite and kind I can’t define her in my words She is too amazing in my world. P.s. i am lucky to have you ;’) love you ©Arooba  

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Clock tick tock

11 feb 2018 she crossed her line …her planning was dreadful and everyone was sure she will be fail but she don’t care about others ..she drive her car straight to GT road ..everywhere police was standing and checking .. within few minutes policeman stopped her car and asked for driving license (as she was […]

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Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul And it’s the only thing that I know, I swear it will get easier, Remember that with every piece of you Hm, and it’s the only thing we take with us when we die Hm, we keep this love in this photograph We made these memories for […]

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Bad luck

What a bad luck he got he can have her but he never thought he always demanded everything in a high range he always approach other people to look more smart but he almost forget while counting the stars he lost the moon who loved him from her whole heart. ©Arooba  

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Graduation <3

so here it is… mature,professional,pretty awesome.. Graduation day ^_^ we often forget to remember “everything that starts has an end”   i still remember my first day of university when i was alone, don’t know how to talk with people and make friends. I used to stay quiet and mind my our business and everyone around […]

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Dear crush

  lets play Hide and seek I will hide my love                                                            And you have to seek. ©Arooba          

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Every message i sent to you every feeling i have truly meant for you every tear i shed is because of you and all you only do is seen fuck how mean. ©Arooba    

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Your lips cures all scares of mine your hands make me fell for you one more time o love i must admit you are the criminal and i m your crime i love every gesture of yours  if you were made just to be mine. ©Arooba

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His eyes were filled with tears as she was irate and upset. This was not the first time  they fight … but this fight was special as the girl was telling him that her parents were finding the perfect guy for her and all she ever wanted was to be his bride for the rest […]

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Conversation with self

As soon as i closed my eyes memories flooded back in live i went throw them all like a new girl visiting the mall i read the unsaid words of mine uncanny,jittery but in rhyme i felt the old me in this scene it was pretty selfless human being she knew i missed her a […]

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