Sisters are a blessing..aren’t they?

we talk, cry, tease, make fun of each other but in the end, they are the one that sticks with us no matters how hard the situation is.

I have a sister who is recently married … on her wedding day the photographer asked me to define our bond of sister-ship and at that, I was so much tensed that I only said that three months before your marriage was so adorable and I will miss you ..that’s it. the photographer was expecting more haha but in my mind I knew she was going to leave our house and m gonna miss her so much how could i even spend my nights alone.. then after the wedding we came home and my cousin took pictures of me just to divert my attention .. at night when I couldn’t able to sleep because I was crying and missing her I wrote a note for her.

you’re my role model. you always teach me lessons of life without even knowing it. you always remained at my side even when you knew I was wrong . you encouraged me, you helped me out you have done every possible thing to make me happy and I am so stupid I can’t even know how to put a smile on your face… I want you to be happy no matter what the situation is because you are my role model whatever you do I will follow :’)de23638fe9ecfb4abd193a7d67a841b7-sister-sister-love-my-sister

i love you πŸ™‚

after that, I slept peacefully knowing that I had written the things I wanted to tell her and I will make sure she read this blog πŸ™‚

p.s. I m missing her










10 thoughts on “A NOTE TO MY SISTER

  1. My sister came when I was 13 yo. It was such a bad time in my family. She was not planned as a matter of fact, my family was on the verge of breaking up. She came and brought hope to a lonely, sad 13 year old and has been a joy for me ever since…40 years later.

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      1. 😍❀️ Aroob This Writing is making U Prefect day by Day the words U wrote are from your deep feelings While reading …. I come to know this

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