CXP9oQYWcAA-RU9 Late night chats often leads to confession of everything that borders you whether it is fear,terror or a dark secret that can ruin your life or other person’s life, which is unconsciously shared with the one you are talking to. This is my own experience that people usually confess at nights because there is a perception behind the mind that always present that “darkness can heal the darkness“, they feel inside them and often feel good after confessing it but their confession can sometimes leads to distraction but again who knows. In the end one can say that nights know more you than you know yourself.

4 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Great post. I liked the lines —-
    * “darkness can heal the darkness“,
    * nights know more you than you know yourself“.

    I personally feel about myself – darkness gives me unique n wonderful ideas. 🙂

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