I dnt want to sleep I just want to dig some deep I want to explore some hidden sheep Right now someone please save me otherwise i will do something very cheap Just kidding i would not do anything cheap 😛 just making rhyme with speed I am missing someone indeed Now i have to […]

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She was a butterfly She was cute,cheery but shy She sang and dance up in the sky She keeps me alive She was beautiful in every style She never let anyone cry The boundaries around her  never let her chase a dream she likes With the passage of time she faded her lights She stopped […]

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Once i read it somewhere in social media that before you judge someone walk a mile in their shoes that way that really touched my heart. We often judge others without knowing their story we called them liar , stupid, crazy, psycho without knowing their feelings. We do so many senseless things to prove them wrong.  […]

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2017 is almost over. This year was rough and tough. It changed me into the person I thought I never be. The rough days blessed the gift of patience while the happy days delivered the peace of mind. In the end I am thank you for everything that ALLAH jee have given to me. I […]


Know Yourself First

  The first step of change is to become aware of your own bullshit. having the ability to know the people around us is good but knowing yourself is better idea. because in the end you have to live with yourself so its better to be aware of your own weakness and strength. it makes […]

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  Ups and downs are part of life. Staying stable is the art of life. Learning new things is the adventure of life. Smiling with tears is the beauty of life. Finding peace is the purpose of life. Helping others brings  the happiness of life,    

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 Late night chats often leads to confession of everything that borders you whether it is fear,terror or a dark secret that can ruin your life or other person’s life, which is unconsciously shared with the one you are talking to. This is my own experience that people usually confess at nights because there is a […]

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I wish you were there

I wish you were there When i was fighting with my fear When i was broken and life was unfair When things were little severe When my survival chances were not there I cried and called you but you were not there I walked though hell and survived myself with a tear This situation of […]

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Memories </3

The word memory refers to something that one can remember throughout their life. People usually says memories is the best and worst gift you can ever give to others. why?because memories last forever people don’t. People make promises they can’t fulfill but memories are the shining stars that remain still after ages.  So it can […]

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She got talent

She can do whatever she wants.She has a proclivity to change the world around her but she decided to make change within herself.  She is kind girl,lady,daughter,mother most of all she is a  beautiful woman. via Daily Prompt: Proclivity

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why do we expect?why we keep thinking to control other people or situations?why we want others to do things for us when we’re not doing things for them?are we? At nights i couldn’t sleep because these questions stuck in my mind like a fungus on a wood without answering them i can’t focus on anything […]

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